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Puppy Scams After Pandemic

How to sniff out a "puppies for sale" scam:  If you’re thinking of buying a puppy:


SEE THE PUPPY LIVE - Try to see puppies in person first - if not possible or convenient, ask them to Facetime, Zoom or similar to show you the puppies and where they live. Any legitimate breeder will find a way to work with you here. Do not go by photos only... even if they appear current


Ask if they keep a camera on the pups so you can see they are well cared for every day. If they have nothing to hide, they should be doing this as it adds credibility to their program.


Avoid wiring money, using an app or a gift card - legitimate breeders may ask for cash, check or credit card. Some may use Paypal or Venmo out of convenience... but you should be very sure before sending anyone anything.


DO MORE RESEARCH - Do they have a website? Can you find any other information on them on the web? Get a name and address and look information up on Google. Are there any complaints about them?


Ask for recommendations so you can speak to other families they have worked with.

Keep in mind that MOST advertisements for puppies are either from large groups of "puppy millers" who have created websites to appear more legitimate or from backyard breeders who know little about proper puppy rearing. - It is what it is - most are not worth taking a chance on. 


Consider adopting from a local shelter.


I have been in the breeding world for 25+ years and I have NEVER seen scams like people are now experiencing.  If in doubt, move on... there will be another puppy.

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