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5 year health guarantee:

If puppy suffers from serious genetic disease within the 1st year, we will replace or refund full purchase price.

In years 2-5, if pup suffers from serious genetic disease, we will cover your insurance deductibles (up to 50% of original purchase price of puppy) - if you have maintained pet insurance with Pets Best. 



raised right

We developed the Polished Puppy Program years ago - ask us more about this when we chat... or you may have a look here: POLISHED PUPPY PROGRAM. *The site you will be re-directed to is no longer ours, nor do we breed Irish Jack Russells anymore. Our daughter took over Connemara several years ago. But the info is still good as I built the website and developed the program 20 years ago. You can consider the Connemara site as an extension of ours and what we do here at Elmbrook Farm Cavapochons.

A Polished Puppy assures you will take home a well adjusted, bomb-proof puppy good with children, other pets and an all around great family dog or companion.

Ask us more about this program. We would enjoy telling you all about it!

The little girl to the left is "Lily". She is a toy Poochon and mother to current puppies available on puppy page.

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