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Our mission  is to offer you a healthy, well-bred, well adjusted, hypo-allergenic (non-shedding) Poochon/Bichpoo puppy from HEALTH TESTED parents. We take our breeding responsibilities seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our four pets. We have a CavaPooChon (retired), two PooChons (or Bichapoo) and a tiny Toy Poodle stud male. Our stud male is small, which helps to ensure puppies will stay on the smaller side. Beginning in 2022, ALL of our puppies will be TOY size; 5-10lbs. We never have more than 1-2 litters available each year. If you would like to work with us and wait for your healthy, properly socialized pup, we would be happy to talk with you about the possibilities.

As mentioned on our home page, we have been breeding since the year 2000. We bred Irish Jack Russells for almost two decades; Our daughter now runs Connemara Terriers. We now breed the
 PooChon responsibly, only breeding the two girls every-other heat cycle.

When dealing with a quality Poochon/Bichpoo breeder, you will face a waiting period due to the demand for their dogs.  Expect a 6 month to 2 year wait unless they have an "extra" pup. Their puppies will be raised in their homes to allow for the monitoring, care, and socialization necessary. They usually do not breed until they have a sufficient number of homes waiting and they never have more pups than they can handle.  Try not to feel frustrated or impatient about the delay... it will give you time to plan for your new puppy and get to now your breeder.

The more litters a breeder has at once or if they are breeding more than 1-2 breeds, the less attention they can focus on the individual dogs, prospective families, and puppies.  Some commercial breeders may be clean and professional but realistically, how can one properly socialize and care for four (or more) litters, or breeds at once?

While you wait for the right breeder and the right puppy, take this time to read up on dog behavior and different training methods, find a local kennel or training club where you will be able to take your puppy for "kindergarten" and obedience training;  Find a veterinarian, read up on puppy/dog care, nutrition, grooming, etc;  Plan the dog related "spaces" - indoors and out, and toward the end of this time, begin to purchase supplies!

We will do everything within our power to maintain a comfortable and positive relationship with you during this entire process and will always make ourselves available to provide support for the life of your dog.

Read more here about how we help you select the right Poochon/Bichpoo for your family 

~ Robert & Sheila


What causes a person to select a puppy based exclusively on coat color or color as the top priority?

Shouldn't the best fit for your family and lifestyle come first?  Shouldn't the puppy be placed in the best home possible for he or she to thrive and become his/her best self?

At Elmbrook, that is our Mission:  To place our puppies in the best homes for them. It's a contract written in blood between our puppies and us.     (*Cavapoochon pictured)

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