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Ask if we have other puppies going to your area. If so, we can reduce the costs involved with getting puppy to you. For example:  If you live in NY/NJ and it might typically cost $600 to get pup to you, we can coordinate with other families and drive 3-4-5 pups in your direction and drop them off along the way.  Coordinating ahead of time may save hundreds - so ask! We will do all we can to assist in reducing travel costs.  So far we have been able to greatly reduce this fee - so please ask! 


If we fly your pup to you, we can actually fly two pups together - so we may be able to split a flight between two families... if you don't ask, we can't say YES. You may also consider flying to us - we will meet you at the airport with puppy ready to go so you can turn around and make your flight home. *if flying in, check flights to PWM, BGR or PQI. BOS may also work.

Forms of payment: cash/venmo

  • Puppy Deposit

    Deposit required to be on a planned litter
    • Puppies typically spoken for well before they are whelped
    • Placing a deposit may be the only way to get an Elmbrook pup
    • The higher up on the list, the more choices you may have
  • Balance

    Remainder due 7 days before pups go home.
    • We will ask you pay this balance via Venmo or cash
    • Balance must be paid by the time pup is 7 weeks of age.
    • Puppies go home at week 8.
  • Full Payment

    When paying entire payment at once.
    • 5 year Health Guarantee included. *Please ask for details.
    • We take two forms of payment: Cash or Venmo (cc can be used)
    • Repeat families receive a generous discount.
  • *Drive To Your Door

    Want puppy delivered to you?
    • We will deliver puppy to your door or *central location
    • Charge is approximate (see below)
    • $1 per mile (RT) or $40 hr driving time.
    • *Fee can be shared by clients to SAVE - ask about details
  • Advanced Polished Puppy School

    one-on-one training from age 8w to 12w
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Your puppy will get undivided attention to learn all basics:
    • SIT, COME, STAY, LEAVE-IT, KENNEL, PLACE commands learned
    • Advanced house-training and crate training
    • Puppy will learn to self sooth when alone
    • Customized training based upon your needs
    • Vaccines/vetting required during this time is covered too
    • Puppy will be accustomed to car rides and outings
    • Puppy will meet many new people and have new experiences
    • ASK us about the details if interested in this program
  • Boarding Service

    Every 7 days
    In home boarding (for our clients only)
    • We always offer a one-time, free board (7 days)
    • Boarding only available for clients with an Elmbrook pup
    • Any additional boardings will be billed at $40 per day
    • We can meet you ($1 per mile or $40 hour fee for travel)
    • We supply food, toys, exercise and playtime during stay
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